The World You Leave Behind

The World You Leave Behind (M.Steele)

Year: 1994
Band: Crash Wisdom
Album: Unreleased.
First Live Performance: 6/2/94
Last Live Performance: 6/2/94



Oh my darkest angel
So fragile and so young
Made a desperate decision
In the hours to come

The sun will rise
Bitter tears
Baby sigh
And the world you leave behind

Only you can know the torment
Made you hungry for release
And I can’t find an answer
That’ll bring you peace

The sun will rise
Twisted trees
Morning sky
And the world you leave behind

Here, the skies so indifferent watch over
And I’m burning inside and that’s all I know
And I don’t know why
The air and sky so indifferent watch over
And it’s done, and I feel alone
And it makes me cry…

The sun will rise
Bitter tears
Morning sky
In the world you leave behind…


Like Cover Girl, The World You Leave Behind is a particularly rare song in that only one live recording exists. Although very little detail is currently available about its composition and influences, banter prior to its performance at the end of the 6/2/94 concert suggests  it was most likely written in May 1994.

The lyrics are written from the perspective of the friend or lover of a suicide victim, acknowledging that she cannot truly understand the victim’s pain (“Only you can know the torment/Made you hungry for release”) while deeply regretting the loss. Beyond the literal description of these feelings, the lyrics echo them through the chorus’s minimalist  description of a landscape haunted by death. It shares  common themes with other Michael songs in that a similar association of angels with death appears in Bird Of Prey’s ‘predator with an angel smile’.  Additionally, the lyrics address suicide in a fashion similar to Song For A Good Son, albeit from a third-person point of view rather than first-person perspective.


Audience Members: One more! One more!
Michael: OK, we got a brand brand new one.  Its so new–this is the ‘new song disclaimer’, its so new,  we’ll just see how far we get with it.
-Crash Wisdom concert banter 6/2/94.

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