Something To Believe In Guitar Tab

Something To Believe In (M.Steele/D.White/E.Lowen/D.Navarro)
Tab by RIShane


A:  002220
G6: 320000
G:  320033
D:  000232
D/A: 002232
D/E: xx2232
Fmaj7: 003210
F: 003211
F#m: 244222
C#m: 046654
E: 022100
Bm7: 024232




When I saw you for the first time
G6 G
Eyes the color of the ocean

A                                  D/A
Something moved inside of me

A                                     G
Long forgotten lying broken

Fmaj7           D
Now I can’t turn away

Fmaj7                                     G
Watching you as you lay sleeping

Fmaj7                   D
Can you hear winds of change?

G                                        A
Is this something to believe in?


A                                    D/A
I lost direction in the darkness
A                                               G
I couldn’t stop myself from runnin’

A                          D/A
I could feel the sun on my back

A                                    G
I was afraid to let the light in

Fmaj7               D
Now I can’t run anymore

Fmaj7                              G
Now I see this gift you bring me
F                         D
Can you hear winds of change?

G                                           A
Maybe this loser’s luck is turning

Middle 8

C#m  E  D  Bm7
C#m  E  Bm7  D  D/E  A  Asus
A F#m  A  D


A/E                    F#m
I will carry you in my heart

A/E                               G
I will hold you in my memory

A                         D
You could be a million miles away

A                                          D        G
But when I call, you will hear, me


C#m7  E  D  Bm7  ….
C#m  E  Bm7  D
C#m7  E  D  Bm7
C#m  E  D
C#m  E  D  Bm7
C#m  E  D  C#m  (repeat to fade)


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  1. Thank you for putting your time in this important matter: reminding people of Michael Steele’s work. I’m grateful for these lyrics and chords. I always thought this was absolutely the best track on the album and I used to play it over and over again. There’s something special and unique about Michael’s voice.

    Best wishes, Hanna Korpela

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