Different Light (Bangles)
•  September Gurls (A.Chilton cover)
•  Following

Everything (Bangles)
•  Complicated Girl
•  Something to Believe In
•  Glitter Years

Crash Wisdom
•  Theme from an Imaginary Western (J. Bruce cover)
•  Nickel Romeo
•  North Star Grassman and the Ravens (S.Denny cover)
•  Bird Of Prey
•  R.I.P
•  Between The Two
•  Sins of a Family (PF Sloan cover)
•  I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye
•  The World You Leave Behind
•  Cover Girl

Doll Revolution (Bangles)
•  Nickel Romeo
•  Song for a Good Son
•  Between the Two

Poems / Readings
•  El Pollo Loco

•  Happy Man Today
•  Cash In On Charlie (M.Steele/D.White)
•  Nodding Out (M.Steele)
•  Banks Of The Nile (Fotheringay cover)



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  1. Thank you so very much for taking the time to do all this. I don’t know if you know Micki or are in touch with her but I hope she is well and I genuinely appreciate all her work over the last 40 years.

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