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Runaways: Born To Be Bad (1975/1993)                                                Born To Be Bad

1. Yesterday’s Kids
2. Is It Day Or Night?
3. Let’s Party Tonight
4. All Right Now
5. Thunder
6. Rock N’ Roll
7. American Nights
8. California Paradise
9. I’m A Star
10. You Drive Me Wild
11. Born To Be Bad
12. Wild Thing

Notes: Michael plays bass and most lead vocals. The title track is also her first songwriting credit, cowritten with Joan Jett and Kim Fowley. The product of the Runaways’ first demo session, these tracks were later released as an album in the early 1990s with quite bitter liner notes from Kim Fowley.

Elton Duck: Xmas (1979)


1. Xmas
Note: Michael plays bass and backing vocals on what was the only Elton Duck release during the band’s lifetime.


Elton Duck: Elton Duck (1980/2012)

1. She Won’t Answer The Phone
2. Make It Up To You
3. All The Way To The Bank
4. Ordinary Guy
5. Runaways
6. He Will Never Love You
7. Only A Few Days
8. Flame
9. Bad Things
10. No Looking Back
11. The Hangman
12. Last Tag
13. Christmas (bonus track)
14. White Punks On Dope (bonus track)

-Michael plays bass on this long-lost power-pop classic, belatedly released for charity in 2012, some thirty-two years after it was originally recorded for Arista Records. Along with Bud Scoppa, Mike McFadden and Andy Robinson Michael also contributes liner notes. Early copies of the album (approximately 120) came autographed by all surviving band members.

Toni & The Movers: Africa (1981)

Nadia Kapiche - Africa bw Bitches And Bastards
1. Africa
2. Bitches & Bastards

Notes: Michael plays bass and adds backing vocals. The release (released after the Movers broke up) is credited to ‘Nadia Kapiche’ although this was a different group. Scans of this release can be seen at Bang Go The Bangles.




Bangles: All Over The Place (1984)

1. Hero Takes A Fall
2. Live
3. James
4. All About You
5. Dover Beach
6. Tell Me
7. Restless
8. Going Down To Liverpool
9. He’s Got A Secret
10. Silent Treatment
11. More Than Meets The Eye

-Michael plays bass and backing vocals.

V/A: Neighborhood Rhythms (1984)

A15 Michael Steele – El Pollo Loco

Note: A 1984 compilation of assorted Los Angeles musicians, poets, and other figures. Michael contributes El Pollo Loco, an arresting spoken word piece. The compilation remains unreleased on CD.



Bangles: Different Light (1986)

1. Manic Monday
2. (In A) Different Light
3. Walking Down Your Street
4. Walk Like An Egyptian
5. Standing In The Hallway
6. Return Post
7. If She Knew What She Wants
8. September Gurls
9. Let It Go
10 Following
11. Not Like You

Notes: Michael plays bass, guitar, and sings lead vocals on September Gurls and Following.

V/A: IRS Live! For Life (1986)

R-764236-1156379534.jpeg1. Stewart Copeland & Derek Holt: Love Lessons
2. Bob Marley & The Wailers: Lively Up Yourself (Live)
3. R.E.M: Ages Of You (Live)
4. The Alarm: Howling Wind (Live)
5. General Public: Tenderness (Live)
6. Sting: I Been Down So Long (Live)
7. Bangles: Hero Takes A Fall (Live)
8. Oingo Boingo: Take Your Medicine
9. Go-Gos: We Got The Beat (Live)
10. Squeeze: Tempted (Live)

Notes: Dubbed ‘A Very Special Live Album’, Live! For Life was a compilation of various IRS artists of the day, mostly contributing live tracks. Hero Takes A Fall was recorded in Dingwalls on the Bangles’ first European tour, February 1985.
Bangles: Following (1986)


1. Following
2. Dover Beach

Notes: European only single, and the only single of a Michael track. Initially released with a set of official buttons.


Bangles: Everything (1988)


1. In Your Room
2. Complicated Girl
3. Bell Jar
4. Something To Believe In
5. Eternal Flame
6. Be With You
7. Glitter Years
8. I’ll Set You Free
9. Watching The Sky
10. Some Dreams Come True
11. Make A Play For Her Now
12. Waiting For You
13. Crash And Burn

-Michael is credited with bass, ‘occasional guitar’ (referring to overdubs) and percussion. She sings lead vocals on Complicated Girl, Something To Believe In and Glitter Years.

Bangles: Greatest Hits (1990)

51+aX+RenqL._SL500_AA240_1. Hero Takes A Fall
2. Going Down To Liverpool
3. Manic Monday
4. If She Knew What She Wants
5. Walk Like An Egyptian
6. Walking Down Your Street
7. Following
8. Hazy Shade Of Winter
9. In Your Room
10. Eternal Flame
11. Be With You
12. I’ll Set You Free
13. Everything I Wanted
14. Where Were You When I Needed You? [Grass Roots]

Notes: Although other Bangles compilations have been released since, this is the first and most significant.

Lisa Dewey: Weather Changer Girl (2000)

41F0VGS5M7L._SL500_AA240_1. Watching Her Fingers
2. Thirty Years In You
3. I Want To Be Your Matador, Your Bullfighter!
4. You And Your Library (Of Sounds)
5. Heathens
6. Startle Heart
7. The Other One
8. Takin’ Out The Trash
9. Stormy Colored Clouds
10. I’m Not Your Lover

-Michael plays bass on Stormy Colored Clouds. (With an additional credit to her dog Megan for ‘dog bark’.)

Mike Hamilton: Anthology (2000)
1.   Persistence
2.   Bird of Prey
3.   3 Wishes Ago
4.   The Phantom
5.   From Now On
6.   Junior\’s Symphony
7.   Stand Up For Me
8.   Barbara/Lost Love
9.   Sandpiper Shuffle
10. Canon in D
11. Invention No. 8
12. Cedar Creek Reel
13. Westminster Opal Miner
14. Sonata in C Major
15. Where’s My Lily Pad?
16. Windows

Michael has a co-write credit and sings backing vocals on ‘Bird of Prey’, recorded c.1990-1991. This is the earliest recorded version of a song that later appeared as part of her Crash Wisdom sets in 1994. Available on iTunes and CDBaby.

Lisa Dewey & The Lotus Life: Busk (2004)
1. Mellow Day
2. Rushing
3. Two Baskets Of Your Clean Clothes
4. Hollow
5. The Cycle Is Now Broken
6. Dream Wild
7. Thieves & Thievery
8. With You On My Mind
9. She Would
10. Sometimes

-Michael plays bass on Sometimes, a track also featuring Simon Raymonde of the Cocteau Twins on guitar.

The Bangles: Ladies And Gentlemen… The Bangles! (2014)
1. Bitchen Summer
2. Getting Out Of Hand
3. Call On Me
4. The Real World
5. I’m In Line
6. Want You
7. Mary Street
8. How Is The Air Up There?
9. Outside Chance (Demo)
10. Steppin’ Out (Demo)
11. The Real World (Demo)
12. Call On Me (Demo)
13. Tell Me (Live)
14. 7 & 7 Is (Live)
15. No Mag Commercial
16. The Rock & Rock Alternative Program Theme

Notes: A digital-only compilation of early Bangles material. Michael plays only on Tracks 13 and 14: a live version of Tell Me recorded at The Palace, and a 1985 version of 7 & 7 Is recorded at Dingwalls. (The same set from which Hero Takes A Fall was previously released on a IRS compilation in the 1980s.)

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