September Gurls Do So Much


Published from 1985 to 1989 and based in Silicon Valley, Bitch Magzine: The Women’s Rock Newsletter With Bite! was the product of feminist music journalist Lori Twersky’s (1954-1991) wish to create a fanzine centered upon women musicians, free from condescension or sexual stereotyping. In each issue Twersky and a small staff of writers discussed a plethora of musicians from a wide variety of genres through live reviews, interviews and passionate editorials such as the following from Issue 14 (1986). Additionally Bitch was conceived to provide a meeting place for musicians through its detailed classified sections. Michael Steele was just one of many female musicians celebrated in the fanzine’s four-year run. Although back issues of Bitch are sadly hard to find today, the zine remains fondly remembered.

(For further information on Lori, see Gillian G. Gaar, She’s A Rebel (New York: Seal Press, 1992) pp.255-258. For background on Danise’s role in the fanzine and her writing in general, see A complete run of issues may be found at specialised libraries such as the National Library of Australia.

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