Welcome to the site formerly known as mickisteele.net. In addition to gaining a hyphen while moving to WordPress, it has a new layout andĀ  other changes. Its aims however, remain the same: to pay tribute, and to document the wide-ranging musical career of Micki Steele, as musician, singer, and songwriter. It contains technical information on her songs, the memories of those who worked with her, listings of her live performances, and other materials when available. It includes both her best-known work and projects which are less known but deserve wider notice.

While I aim to be as comprehensive as currently possible, this site remains a work in progress. To this end, I also welcome the contributions of those with corrections, or information and memories of their own to share. I would especially like to thank LCipher for his role in creating the site and editing it for several years, it would not exist without his efforts. I hope the site provides a place for those seeking to learn more about Michael’s work, or for those who she hasĀ  inspired. This is an unofficial site, and neither I nor the site’s other contributors have contact with Michael herself. -RIShane, February 2015.

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